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It’s Release Day for SOMETHING BLUE!

I’m so excited to announce that Something Blue, the sweet romance wedding anthology I announced in April, is now available! For only one week, you can get the book for only $0.99, so get it while it’s cheap, and enjoy it during summer beach reading season! See below for purchase details and more.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I’ve enjoyed collaborating with these amazing Pretty Bliss Press authors! 🥰


Purchase for $0.99 – This Week Only!

Toss the bouquet and say “I do” to this collection of sweet wedding-themed romcoms from the team who brought you the USA Today Bestseller Christmas Actually! 18 all-new novellas by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

Something Blue: A Sweet Romance Anthology
Available Now!

Four Royal Weddings and an (Almost) Funeral by Teri Wilson

Someone posh, someone new, someone annoying, something…true? A pair of royal correspondents from rival news outlets in London can’t seem to stop bumping heads at a succession of royal weddings, but when they band together to find one of the queen’s puppies while the dog is running amok in Westminster Abbey, things get even more royally complicated.


Petals & Playlists by Lacey Baker

Short-staffed and not in the mood for wedding day excitement, Emory Bellson is forced to DJ a reception or risk bad publicity from one of the most notable brides in Miami. When she’s somehow roped into standing in the line of single women and ends up catching the bouquet, she thinks the day couldn’t possibly get any worse. Except it does, the moment she notices the groomsman who catches the garter, Hayden Rivers, is also a guy she’d dated and ghosted three years ago.


His Custom-made Bridesmaid by Caro Carson

Bethany Shepherd is on the verge of opening her own bridal boutique, as soon as she finishes this final job as a seamstress for an over-the-top wedding with fifteen bridesmaids. At the last minute, Bethany is forced to fill in for a missing bridesmaid on top of the fifteen dress fittings she must complete as a seamstress. Worse, the groomsman she’s paired with is her old college flame, the wealthy and arrogant Jovian Taylor, who suddenly seems more than willing to stay by her side, for better or for worse.


Something Borrowed by Cassidy Carter

When bridesmaid Catherine Katz tries on the bride’s ring before her best friend’s wedding, she doesn’t count on Lennox Miller, her former fiancée, catching her in the act—or not being able to get the ring off. She doesn’t want Len’s help, but now she needs it. During their race together to try and free her before the ceremony begins, Catherine begins to see that her own old love story might potentially have a new ring to it.


Always You by Melinda Curtis

Cassie Andrews and Jude Turner were inseparable in high school. But Cassie went away to college to become a doctor and Jude stayed in Beacon Bay to buy and run the family bait shop. Somewhere along the line they decided to go their separate ways. Now Cassie’s back for a friend’s wedding and sparks are rekindled. But is she home to stay?


Love By Accident by Marianne Evans

Mix a rescue puppy and unguarded frittata, and wedding reception chaos is sure to ensue. While Emily Carpenter and Raylen Preston deal with frittata-ghedon, sparks fly. But can a magical second-chance wedding celebration lead these two wounded hearts to their own happy ending?


The Wedding Rivals by Nicole Flockton

When high school rivals find themselves as maid of honor and best man at their best friends’ wedding, it’s game on as to who has the best pre-wedding events planned. Old rivalries are renewed along with the spark of romance that has always simmered below the surface.


Second Chance Sweetheart by Shirley Jump

When Harlan Winslow sorta-definitely kidnaps Jessie Midler before she can say I do to a senator’s son, he sets off a media frenzy. Harlan is desperate to save his former best friend from making a major mistake. He convinces the spitfire bride-to-be to hide out at Canyon Creek, a place that holds all their best and worst memories. Jessie has always been a little in love with Harlan, even if she won’t admit it. Could a couple weeks of togetherness turn two friends into…forever?


Something Lost Something Found by Makenna Lee

When an injured dancer moves home to take over her grandmother’s wedding venue on the family’s estate, she discovers the Nashville musician who broke her heart has inherited the caretaker’s cottage, and his four-year-old son with Down syndrome is counting on him to be both dad and mom. A lost and found ring, a special child and wedding planning chaos just might lead to a new beginning.


Wedding at Winding Woods by Janice Lynn

Lacey Collier had been dreaming of walking down the aisle to Luke Evans all her life. Only, she’d hoped they’d be the bride & groom rather than Maid of Honor and Best Man in her brother’s wedding. Could a weekend wedding in the mountains have him finally realizing she’s all grown up and worth taking a chance on love with?


A Wedding at the USO by Tif Marcelo

An unexpected extended layover at the Las Vegas Airport brings together an easy-going, reluctant best man and a type-A, straightforward, replacement maid of honor along with their best friends soon to be married in Hawaii. But when flights are cancelled, and wedding plans subsequently changed, the two loyally attempt to plan a Vegas wedding for their friends…if they can get along.


Her Purrfect Plus One by Robyn Neeley

When Buttermilk Falls bookshop manager Chelsea Lowndes finds a stray kitten left outside her shop’s door, her curiosity turns to shock when around its neck is a note stating that the owner of the purring feline is the purrfect one for her.


A Wedding to Remember by Annie Rains

After a fall and bump on the head, Reese Whittaker seems to have forgotten the last six months and falling for the man she’s about to marry in T-minus two days. The last thing she remembers is hating Patrick Jamison because he’s just swiped her dream job for himself. Reese’s only hope is getting her memory back because otherwise, the wedding of her dreams will feel more like a nightmare.


Then, And Now by Susan Sands

New Orleans Interior designer Kate Lafitte is thrilled to meet her daughter Casey’s new boyfriend, Drew. But she’s mortified to learn that Drew’s dad, Trevor, is her former college boyfriend, to whom she’s compared every man since. As the kids’ romance becomes more serious, it leaves Kate and Trevor to rehash the past and learn that their chemistry still smolders.


Always & Furever by Victoria Schade

As the official wedding dog attendant for the biggest society event of the season, Sarah Gardner knows she can’t afford to slip up, but “Best Dog” Clarence might be her toughest client yet. Seems the canine ring bearer managed to lose one of the rings right before the ceremony, and it’s up to Sarah and handsome venue owner Sam Parsons to track it down before the vows.


Wedding Veils & Puppy Tails by Lizzie Shane

When a mischievous puppy shreds his sister’s wedding gown only days before the ceremony, Kellan will need the help of small-town seamstress Lily to save his sister’s big day—but the real challenge might be hanging on to his heart.


The Groom That Got Away by Sasha Summers

Johanna Hurley hadn’t counted on meeting “Mr. Dreamy” at the bridal salon, while wearing her best friend’s wedding gown and bouncing her rambunctious nephew on her hip—all Maid of Honor requirements at the time. Of course, he left before she’d had the chance to explain things, knowing she’d never see him again… Until she did. But what will she do if the man of her dreams is already someone else’s groom?


The Perfect Fit by Roe Valentine

When seamstress Gitana Solis goes back home to make groomsmen suits for her big brother’s wedding, she is forced to share a room with best man Kaleo Miller, the Hawaiian stud who unknowingly broke her heart in high school.

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