Noel, Alabama

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Series: The Alabama Series #5
Published by: Tule Publishing Group
Release Date: October 19, 2020



After twelve years spent building her career in Los Angeles, Bailey Boone returns home to Ministry, Alabama, weeks before Christmas with a large cast and crew. She’s desperate for a miracle to save her company’s big budget holiday film that just lost its winter wonderland location. Bailey may have bolted from Ministry before the ink on her diploma dried, but her hometown definitely knows how to throw an unforgettable southern Christmas. Except she forgot about the ghosts of Christmas past she left behind—especially her first love, Seth.

Sheriff Seth McKay never forgot the girl he let go so many years ago. They were soulmates, but he knew Bailey needed more than Ministry could offer. Now she’s back and more stunning and confident than ever. Despite the years, their connection and chemistry still burn bright. Can Seth find his own Christmas miracle and convince Bailey to write her story in Ministry...with him?

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“Anybody got an idea here? Anybody at all?” Mr. Stone, the location manager for the film, and Bailey’s boss, yelled. His face was beet red, almost as red as his skinny pants. He had a yellow sweater tied around his neck, where the veins popped out prominently.

Bailey, Jem, and Alexis, along with a handful of other assistant producers, directors, and higher-ups sat, all tense, because the worse-case scenario had befallen them.

The director, Brad, was equally red in the face. This meeting wasn’t going well. “Since we’ve spent a couple million dollars already to shoot this picture, only to lose our location because of—” The director’s disgust could be felt like a wave throughout the room.

The reason they’d lost their filming location was the singular fault of a minor actor’s amorous exploits with the mayor’s wife in the town where they’d been shooting the project. The mayor had kicked them out, effective immediately, using a clause in the contract where he’d found a decency loophole, and that, as they say in the business, had been a wrap.
Bailey, as assistant location manager, somehow felt as if she should do something, even though losing their Christmas location smack in the middle of filming wasn’t anything to do with her.

Before the idea was fully formed, and as the knot formed in her belly, Bailey stood and spoke, not nearly as loudly or confidently as she’d hoped. “I’ve got a place for us—I think. I might be able to fix this. Give me a week to see if I can work it out.”

All heads turned and eyes fixed on Bailey. Oh God. She would have to go back to Ministry, Alabama. She would have to go home. “My hometown in Alabama. It’s the most Christmas-y of all the Christmas places you’ve ever been. The gigantic tree in the town square rivals Rockefeller Center, I swear.”

The producer, who’d sat quietly stewing throughout the meeting, skewered her with a stare. “You’ve got a week to secure lodging for all of us, plus the trailers, and base camp. Stone will fill you in.” He indicated with a dismissive hand to her pinched-lipped boss. Now she’d done it. There was no going back.