Christmas, Alabama

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Series: The Alabama Series #4
Published by: Tule Publishing Group
Release Date: October 3, 2017
Pages: 326
ISBN13: 978-1947636453



Photographer Rachel Prudhomme has finally settled in Ministry, Alabama. Sure, the pace is slower, and she's had her heart blessed more times than she can count, but putting down her roots where her family is feels right, if only the town’s new doctor and now neighbor weren’t so hot and constantly igniting her dreams. How can she keep her vow to steer clear of men when he keeps sauntering across her path?

For Dr. Nicholas Sullivan to get his dream job in Atlanta, he must fill in at Ministry General, where they're short staffed for the holidays. He never expects to fall for his beautiful next door neighbor, Rachel.

Soon, Nick and Rachael make a deal. They'll pretend to date so Rachael can avoid the scrutiny from her family to "find a good man" and Nick can avoid the single lovelies in town who take his short stay as a challenge. Amidst the carolers, Christmas lights, and an unlikely Alabama snowstorm, Nick and Rachel can't help but notice the powerful emotional and physical attraction between them. Will a Christmas miracle be all it takes to make all of their dreams come true?


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“Christmas, Alabama is exactly the kind of book I like to read during the holidays. It's warm and cozy, sweet and charming, filled with colorful characters and small-town charm!!”
–Susan Peterson, Amazon top reviewer


Rachel Prudhomme absorbed more truth through the lens of her camera than words, true or not, could speak. Eyes didn’t lie. Expressions caught off guard didn’t lie.

The bride wore an exquisite white, off-the-shoulder beaded gown, and the groom, a sharply-tailored black tux. Their smiles were radiant. The wedding party smiled, and their families, despite a few obvious squabbles, smiled too.

But something was off. It wasn’t obvious, and Rachel might have missed it had she not zoomed in on her subjects—the bride and groom—through the viewfinder. They weren’t the dreamy, happy couple they appeared to be. There was a tightness around the eyes and mouth of the groom. A sadness behind the smile of the bride.

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