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It’s her first Christmas with her birth family…

Thanks to a bone marrow donation from her newly discovered sister, interior designer Allison Miers has just beat cancer and has been welcomed into her new family, the Bertrands of Cypress Bayou. She’s been curious about her birth family for years, and it seems they’re all trying to make amends for her mother abandoning her—even offering a trust fund if she’ll stay a year and give the town a chance.

As Allison arrives in town amidst preparations for the Cypress Bayou Christmas Festival, she’s quickly overwhelmed by the drama and competition between both sides of her birth families. Local mechanic Matt Landry is the most normal person she’s met so far, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s also handsome and friendly. Just as Allison starts to wonder if she’s finally found a new home, family, and a man to love, she discovers that Matt—just like both sides of her family—has been keeping his own secrets.

Family is all Allison has ever wanted, but should she listen to her head or her heart this unforgettable Christmas?


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Published by Tule Publishing

"I loved the connection and witty banter between Leah and Jake; the rich description and essence of the southern town settings of Cypress Bayou and New Orleans; a host of engaging secondary characters; and all the drama, intrigue, and romance that easily made Home To Cypress Bayou an enjoyable story that left me wanting more."
Jersey Girl Book Reviews
5-Star Amazon Review
"Having lived in the south during my twenties, small town Louisiana was one of my favorite places to visit. I loved the community, food, and hospitaility. This story did not disappoint... I highly recommend this book to all who love a good family drama surrounded in mystery."
5-Star Amazon Review

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Author of Southern Women’s Fiction

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