Dear Friends,

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many extremely talented authors during my writing journey thus far. They are my friends and mentors, and I’m their #1 fan.

I would love to know who your favorite authors are, what genres you read, and the titles of favorite books on your keeper shelves.

I can’t wait to talk books!!


Above: RWA National Conference with authors Wendy Wax, Karen White, and Susan Crandall.


  1. Richard Tarpley says

    I can’t get enough of Lisa Jackson. I love her books and all I have left is Devious in the New Orleans series. It has made me want to write a book about my life! LOL that would be a trip, but fun.
    The Montana series with Pescoli and Alvarez was great also. I don’t understand how people do it but it is a great gift to write these books.

  2. dehelen says

    I read a lot of mysteries. Write them too (big surprise). I’m reading Denise Mina and Ian Rankin right now, while on a hold list for Ruth Rendell’s latest. I have a stash of cozy mysteries on my Kindle, and one romance by my friend Peggy Bird. I loved Nancy Bilyeau’s The Crown this year and anxiously await the next one. Thanks for asking! I hope you’ll visit my blog

  3. Susan, … I am surprised not more authors have made their way to this page on your blog … oh well. I’m here at last. A writer of historical fiction, — though I hate labels — I gravitate to stories set in the early years of the twentieth century (my era of choice) from WWI to WWII. I claim it’s because it seems almost contemporary to me and yet has the advantage of perspective.
    Some of my favorite authors are Nancy Horan (Loving Frank), Margaret Atwood (Blind Assassin), Kate Atkinson (Life After Life).
    And though I enjoy the relief of an occasional happy ending (Again, Alabama), I tend toward the “deep maudlin book that makes me ‘think'” as you say.

    • Hi Rona! Thanks so much for finding this section of my website. You’re right that it’s a less-traveled page… I really do enjoy learning about others’ reading preferences and journeys. We are all so different for different reasons. I will definitely look up some of your favorites and give them a try . I should do more to broaden my personal reading genres. I tend toward mostly commercial fiction, but I do enjoy a good meandering literary trip or reading something filled with history and struggles of the past. I find some of those books hard to begin, but once I settle in, I really do love them. So great to connect here!!

  4. Robyn C says

    I have read all 4 Alabama series and just curious if you will come out with the 5th book with Ivy’s story? I so much enjoyed the other 4 I would just hate to see it all end! Thank you for the great reads!!

    • Hi Robyn,

      I’m thrilled you enjoyed the Alabama books thus far. Introducing Ivy brings possibilities for new stories. I will keep you posted…:-)

  5. Joy Davis says

    Being from Birmingham, Alabama these books took me back home on every page. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, but Alabama is “home”. I just finished reading Christmas, Alabama and can’t wait to find out if there is another in the works. Please say yes!

    • Hi Joy! Thanks for reading my books! I’m thrilled you enjoyed them and they gave you sense of “home.” I’m not currently working on a new Alabama book but you aren’t alone in asking for one!! Let my publisher know if you would love to read more about the folks in Ministry, Alabama!! They can be reached at Send them a private message or email. They love to hear from readers. And so do I, so thanks for getting in touch!!

  6. Robin Gunn says

    Just read Love, Alabama!! Love love loved it! Hope you are going to write Ben and Sabine’s story? Robin G, Mississippi

  7. Hi Robin!! Thrilled you loved Love!!You are in luck !! Ben and Sabine’s story is published as Forever, Alabama!! And there’s Christmas, Alabama, which you will discover as Sabine’s sister, Rachel’s story. My newest, Noel, Alabama, will release October 19th, 2020! Have fun and enjoy!!😃

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