Me, Too. She, Too.

Me too. Yes, I’ve been groped. I’ve been intentionally made to feel less by some malesfreestock_20638930
in my past. I was lucky it wasn’t worse. I know some women, and men, have been in far more abusive and powerless situations than I was. Using one’s position to diminish another is hateful and intentional. So, I’m all in with bringing this into the light and sharing the magnitude of the problem. It should be addressed, and victims should understand they are not alone.

I have to say, though, that I’ve been more brutalized by women through the years. Not in a groping or physical sense, but in a true lasting-kind-of-damage way. Women in my life who I’m linking arms with right now and chanting “me, too” with. Some of the very same have been my tormentors.

Women aren’t always part of the us and them. They are often of the me variety when they have a need to feel more powerful or to make another feel small so they can step a little higher, climbing over other women to stand at the top of the heap or let some blood on the way up. Jealousy, insecurity, or whatever drives this behavior brings out the opposite of sisterhood. The wounds are deep causing scars that last.

I’m a pleaser by nature. I work hard to keep friendships that last. I’m strong, but don’t often see a reason to stir things up unless pushed into reaction. Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful group of true friends. I have a tribe of writers surrounding me that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m talking about a few bad apples that left a mark.

I’m curious to know if other women have had this same experience? Have you hadimages-2 women passive-aggressively take shots at you, compete needlessly, or do and say things behind your back to try and tear you down or make you look bad to others?

To my sisters and brothers who posted “me, too.” This post in no way is meant to diminish your trauma. This is simply part of my experience.



4 thoughts on “Me, Too. She, Too.

  1. I was in the medical field and started training at 18 & it was eye opening how the Dr.’s talked and behaved around us.

  2. Talked to a friend today about the women coming forward about being sexually abused in Hollywood. I said I have experienced in appropriate behavior from men and I know why these woman kept quiet for years. I was powerless because to say anything because would have jeopardized my education and then my job. She thinks that me and the other woman complaining now should have just forgotten and moved on. I’m not sure if her reaction would have been the same if it had happened to her or her daughter. So woman can be really tough on other woman. She actually stated that she believes most of these woman brought the abuse
    upon themselves by their behavior or dress. If I walk naked down the street dosn’t mean I want to be raped. Woman are mean to each other and judgmental about other women.

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