Why Free is Good

My first novel, Again, Alabama, was released last June. Obviously, I was thrilled to finally see years of hard work come to fruition by having my first book published. Of course, as an unknown author with a fantastic, but rather small, publishing house, my exposure was rather limited.


Fortunately, my publisher applied for a BookBub on my behalf. It was accepted, thankfully, and my book was downloaded a few thousand times for .99 by readers who normally wouldn’t have had any exposure to my name or my writing. The quantity of  discounted books sold made it worth the deeply discounted selling price. It was exciting watching my rankings rise, if only for a few days.


Now, Again, Alabama is free for about a week. We’ve managed to get another BookBub ad, but instead of .99, the downloads will be free. More people will be willing  to take a chance on a free book. Will they read it?  Hopefully. Some will, and those who do, and enjoy it, should theoretically run right out and buy the reasonably-priced second book, Love, Alabama at 4.99 to continue reading about the Laroux family and the town of Ministry, Alabama. So, the power of free is exposure for a new author. It’s also to drive sales for the next book that isn’t sold at a discount.


BookBub has over a million followers. It’s a targeted daily e-mail for avid readers, organized by genre that lists only a few discounted and free books per day. The vetting process for books is quite stringent. They only accept quality books they feel their readers will enjoy. Usually, only about twenty percent of submissions are accepted as BookBub daily ads. So, those who signed up have done so intentionally, and don’t feel spammed. They are looking for good discounted or free books.


For authors and publisher, BookBub ads are far more expensive than some others, but they work.


So, download Again, Alabama until May 10th free!!

Amazon:  http://amzn.com/B00Z318GNY

Barnes & Noble:  http://tinyurl.com/hxu277u