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Welcome, Friends!

Now that my new release, Love, Alabama, is out in the wild, I’ve12973145_10209307294021953_5422026388272249534_o noticed an influx of followers to my blog. It would be remiss of me not to post something new, or not to take a moment to welcome those who were kind enough to follow.

I feel I’m constantly trying to catch up during promotion of a book. This is all pretty new to me still, as this is my second go at it. Many of you are likely book bloggers and reviewers and have my profound gratitude for supporting authors in their endless efforts at trying to be noticed above the din of other talented authors. We’re all trying to connect and get someone else to do the shouting for us.moovealong175I signed up for a couple of book blasts and book tours, which was a fantastic way of discovering new book-ies. I’ve already made several new “friends” and it thrills me when readers go out of their way to let me know they enjoy my books.

I’m always willing to do guest posts and Q&As or send an ARC out for legitimate review.

Up until now, I’ve used my personal blog as pretty much an online journal to update those who cared to follow, on my journey to publication,  book news, cooking tips and recipes, and some mild parental complaining about my teens and such. I haven’t really sought out guests or great numbers of followers. I’m hoping to update soon as a bona-fide author website.

So, whether you’re a new reader, Twitter follower, or blogger, I welcome you to my site. I also blog regularly at .

Feel free to reach out on Twitter @susannoelsands, my Facebook author page, Susan Sands, or email me at

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Susan Sands

Author of Again, Alabama and Love, Alabama



    • Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by. The answer is yes! I’m working on Ben and Sabine’s story right now. Ben can’t understand why Sabine doesn’t like him. In his experience all women do. What’s not to like, right? Be sure to find me on Facebook!!

      • Ooo I can’t wait loved your other two books. When should I start watching for it?

      • I don’t have a timeline or release date yet, Michelle. I’m also working on another project simultaneously. Most likely, it will be within the year!

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