Gas Cooktop vs. BookBub

Today I got a new gas cooktop! If you know anything about me, you know what an exciting event that is in my life. I love to cook and I adore food. I share recipes with friends and am always on the lookout for something new and delicious to try out on my family. I’ve waited fifteen years for this stove.12106877_10207932403490549_1603202334304278103_n It’s beautiful,
and it’s gas with five burners and an optional griddle. I do love a griddle. Oh, the things I can make on a griddle

Yesterday, I had a BookBub ad! If you are familiar with publishing world, you know what an exciting event that is in my life as well. Most people don’t know what this is. A BookBub is an ad publishers and authors apply for and often get turned down for because the book doesn’t fit any number of specific requirements. You can get turned down even if your book seems to fit. It’s subjective. So, often publishers and authors must apply over and over to get one. Why? Because BookBub has a HUGE reach and readership. It’s targeted to very specific readers and tons of them based on genre. The resulting exposure can really help a new author–and a well-established one. I got one!

Yesterday, for a little while, AGAIN, ALABAMA broke Amazon’s top 100 in Kindle books. It reached #4 in romance. Yay. Today, it began its descent. It was a fun ride. I look forward to what’s next!moovealong175

Today, I cooked my first meal on my new gas cooktop! I will be able to do that over and over anytime I want. It will last for years. A lot longer than a BookBub.

So, I’ve had a couple really good days. And I look forward to many more, both in my writing career and in my kitchen. Not all of them will compare with yesterday and today, but it’s nice to occasionally have the fun stuff happen all at once.

Have a fantastic weekend, y’all!



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