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A Perfect Place


It’s August. How did that happen? August is like May in my world. Kind of a run-out-screaming-naked-into-the-street inducing month. You know? Or maybe you don’t. It’s hot down here in the South in August, and people tend to get a little crazy. Especially us moms with kids going back to school when we begin to receive the e-mails informing us of all the things we should have already done.

School clothes, driver’s ed, changes in class schedules, summer reading that’s not complete, tennis academy sign-up, etc. One is a senior this year, so that means college applications and college visits are in the mix as well. Oh, and there’s this debut novel that comes out at the end of the month. Just book signings, book clubs and festivals, and travel as icing on the many-tiered cake of TOO MUCH!


I’ve been thinking of a serene, happy place where I’d like to be right now. A perfect place. I’ll describe it to you.

It would be on the water, surrounded by trees, with lots of windows and light. There would be a studio, or workshop, because I like to do crafty projects, like refinish furniture and paint scenes on canvas. But I would need a space to write, and to take breaks and sit comfortably and read, maybe a porch. I’d be baking or cooking, so a kitchen near my studio/workshop would be a must. Since I’d be on the water, I could go and float in the sunshine whenever I chose.

Here’s my issue: I would do all those things simultaneously. The furniture would sit, unfinished, the paint brushes would dry with paint on them and ruin, the writing would wait another day, story unwritten, the book would remain unread, and the cookies would burn. I would likely get sunburned in the process.

Wish me luck in August!

Happy August, everyone!


  1. Ha! It’s a shame there’s no time to comfort and support one another during the craziness that is August. I would like to believe it’s not as bad as I think. But that would be my own denial of reality!! Good luck with your month! We will sneak away for some writing time at the lake ASAP!!

  2. Mark says

    Hi Miss Susan,
    Guess who just cut my hair???
    That’s how I heard about you. Very big story around here—-congrats. Will be buying your book for my mother.

    • Thanks for getting in touch, Mark! I hope your mom enjoys the book. Make sure to stop by and let me sign it when I’m in town in September!

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