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The Big News!

image002If you’ve read my blog, you know I’ve been writing Southern romantic women’s  fiction for awhile, and working toward my goal of 

publishing traditionally–if there is such a thing in today’s rapidly-changing market. I’ve moaned and groaned about my submissions and rejections, and how I felt that at some pointit would happen. But before I tell it, I want to say something:  This is the fun part, the part thatI’ve dreamed about–showing off my new cover, getting the pat on the back from all my family and friends who know how I’ve struggled. 

But before this, there were years of writing for nothing except the enjoyment of creating a story, then  waiting to hear back from agents and editors, and getting punched in the gut and told my story “wasn’t quite right” for their needs, or that my characters didn’t resonate. Writing has been the one thing I’ve stuck with in my life with very little visible reward (besides tennis). It’s hard, and it’s thankless most of the time. So, every one of your pats and congrats make me feel like it’s been worth it up until this point.


My work will be rejected in the future by editors. My books might not sell. I may have to begin again. But now, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed a contract with the Tule Publishing Group for my debut novel, AGAIN, ALABAMA, set to release in digitally on June 12th and in print August 26th.

And if you are still writing and submitting, but haven’t found a home for your work yet, hang in there; it will happen. I’ve had such great mentors and advocates within the writing community, and I will pay it forward.

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive!




  1. Rennie says

    its beautiful Sue, couldn’t be prouder of and for you!!

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