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Read What You Like



Everyone has the right to read whatever they want. So many of us read one thing and say we do or don’t read something else. It’s like a secret sin. I have a friend who would rather die than admit she’d read anything less highbrow than classic literature, an insightful memoir or a complicated depressing literary fiction novel with a thousand pages. Ugh.


I dip my toes into many types of literature when the mood strikes, but if an author can engage me in a journey of emotion, where good eventually triumphs and cap it off with a happy ending, then I’m all kinds of satisfied. Take me to another place, make me root for the hero/heroine and really, truly care about their circumstances, and when I come out of the pages, hopefully, I’ll have forgotten where I am, what I was supposed to do and think about the story for days to come.


And the whole romance thing, well, let’s discuss that for a moment. In life, very few of us escape love. Hopefully, we are born of love; certainly, we are born of desire. Somebody got together and took the time to give us life. Maybe they stayed together, maybe not. There was some sort of relationship. Was it happy? Was it a disaster? Was it a journey of love and loss, happiness and heartbreak? Our lives are a journey full of highs and lows. Fiction authors collect the extremes in life: excitement, anticipation, the highest peaks and lowest valleys of human emotions, the danger, and then, depending on the genre, they weave together stories.


My point is: life is full of romance and love. So, reading a book that includes it, from a small side story, to a full-blown romantic love story isn’t any more embarrassing than holding hands with your sweetie in public. If you aren’t comfortable reading the “sex” stuff, then don’t. Don’t even read romance if you don’t like it. Or just put it on your e-reader and no one will know. Who cares? Read what you want. Enjoy it.


And to the point of how much books cost. Even the most expensive book costs less than dinner out. The author makes a tiny percentage of each book sold. It takes months to write a book. Very few authors are able to write without a second income. So, buy the book when it comes out. Support your favorite author. You won’t miss the ten bucks. But you will have something to remember for it and something to show for it.


Happy reading!!



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