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Happy Dreary New Year, Y’all

I’ve been meaning to post here all month, but holidays, cooking and lack of anything the least bit inspiring to  share has kept me silent. Oh, and the weather has been a stinky pit of awfulness; there’s been that too.

Maybe it’s me, but isn’t the new year supposed to usher in a rush of anticipation for all the new and exciting things on the horizon? The last few days I’ve felt like Eeyore after his tail fell off yet again.

It’s likely more about my parents not being able to visit at Christmas this year due to my beloved grandmother’s failing health, or maybe that my father-in-law is in the hospital with a possibly serious illness. And the weather.

Could be that I dread diving back into the frenetic schedule of school and early mornings. It takes a lot of energy to worry that everyone in my house has clean underwear and has studied for everything and turned in all their assignments on time. Not that much of it, besides the clean underwear, is within my control. But worry, I still do.

I’ve had much to be thankful for this year and more to look forward to in 2015. But, forest–trees and all that.

I wish everyone all the health, wealth and happiness the new year can possibly bring.

So, I guess we should all take a deep breath and get ready for what’s ahead. As I’ve been told on many occasions and usually tend to agree, “Worry is a waste of time and emotion.”

Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂



  1. Staci says

    I am looking to visit Fripp Island and was wondering if you could please send me an email of places to visit/things to do? Thank you!

    • Your best bet is to go onto the island’s website for info on renting bikes and tours, etc. Beaufort is the closest town and has shopping, etc. the local seafood markets are great if you want to cook your own.

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