A Few Driving Tips–In Case The Rules/Signs Aren’t Clear

imagesDear Fellow Drivers,

We could be friends. But if you continue wielding your thousand-plus pound vehicle as a weapon, somebody’s gonna get hurt. Clearly you aren’t taking your place on the road seriously, nor your threat to me and my family. LOOK UP, PLEASE!

So, I read a blog somewhere at some point where a young woman asked her fellow readers/drivers to be more patient, as she just isn’t a good driver. “You know, some people just aren’t very good at it,” she wrote. She suggested we all be more tolerant of poor bad drivers like herself. Something clicked within my little brain at that bit of pathetic stupidity. Something that clicks like an ignition to a bomb when people throw their hands up and say, “I just don’t want to do any better or try any harder, so everyone around me should take up my slack and be okay with it.” BOOM, my head exploded.

Driving in today’s world is like suiting up for a death race. I plan to have my hands on the wheel and my attention on the road, but since I live in a place amongst goober-faces described in the paragraph above who are facebooking, texting, having deep conversations using hand gestures (both hands), turning completely around to parent children–well, you get it. A well-placed pack of Nabisco cheese crackers thrown briskly backwards over the shoulder will break up a fight and get the kiddos attention without your turning around and isn’t considered abuse.

So, here are some driving tips I thought of during my short ride home as I felt a little road ragey today:

*Pay attention *Put down your phone (notice that I deleted the expletive before phone). *Go at least the speed limit or with the flow of traffic *Follow the rules – you don’t have to let me in, but move along. *Yield means wait, not go first. *Left turners don’t go in front of people going straight or turning right. They wait (see yield). If someone is kind enough to wave you ahead, GO. Don’t wait another ten seconds so that person misses the light. *Be courteous instead of rude whenever possible because karma is a bitch.

Tomorrow, I’m certain I’ll have more to share, but these are my encounters for today.

Drive Safely!


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