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Gearing up for RWA Nationals!!

images-1The Romance Writers’ of America’s National Conference is held in a different U.S. city every year. I’m thrilled that it’s here in Atlanta, GA this summer! RWA National is the big event for writers, both published and unpublished, of romance and its sub-genres. I am a proud member of the Georgia Romance Writers chapter of RWA.

The conference is HUGE! Writers from all over the world exchange cell numbers and plan weeks and months ahead where they will meet up with friends and create hour-to-hour itineraries based on scheduled agent/editor meetings, book signings, author presentations, craft classes and parties held by publishers. There’s something happening every given moment of every day and well into the night.

Sometimes we must choose between several events that are not-to-be-missed. And the free books!! Publishers provide copies of new-releases at every luncheon, publisher book signing and author promotion. Fed-Ex is on hand in the lobby for attendees to ship books home at a special book rate. Otherwise, those who fly to the conference would never pass the weight limit on the trip home.

The opportunities the national conference provides for writers to meet one another, learn from peers and industry professionals and make important and lasting connections is determined only by our willingness to engage.images

Here are a couple of insider tips:

*If you’re planning to pitch, hang around the agent/editor meeting area. Last minute opportunities abound. Certainly more than you signed up for…

*Wear a sweater!! It is ALWAYS freezing in the hotel.

*Break in new shoes before you arrive.

*Dress comfortably, but be mindful that you are among professionals and this could be your one chance to make a good first impression.

*Don’t eat a huge lunch if you plan to attend a presentation/class right after. I personally get super sleepy when I eat too much and sit still. (I remember that in college too, so it might just be me.) 🙂 How embarrassed would I be if Eloisa James caught me nodding off during her panel??

*Say hi to me if you see my nametag!! (Susan Sands)

Enjoy the conference and Atlanta!


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