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Haters Gonna Hate–Trolls and Such

images-1I’m continually amazed at the negative posts (rants) on social media and on the internet by individuals spewing venom at will. It might be liberating to vent your spleen for fun, but it’s rarely a victimless endeavor.

One of my favorite quotes:  Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one, right? But you don’t have to BE one–really, you don’t. What is this incessant need to show opposition to everything and everyone? We are given the opportunity to review books, music, recipes and articles on nearly every website, not to mention the open invitation of the “What’s on you mind?” status update bar on Facebook.

We’ve become a society of online road-ragers driving around from site to site, giving each other the finger, honking our horns and yelling obscenities out the window.

Perhaps your need to show how supremely intelligent you are drives you to stop and urbanely correct the author in the comments section. You look like a jerk when you try and rewrite someone’s article or pontificate a higher level of thinking. Go write your own blog. Leave theirs alone.

Honesty is good to a healthy degree. But the point at which you type something nasty that you wouldn’t consider saying to a person’s face might be a good place to draw the line. Spouting opinions on things you haven’t tried or read or about a person’s character who you haven’t met is harmful to actual human beings, believe it or not.

Don’t be a hater who trolls the internet looking for a place to spew your gnarly opinions on people and things you truly know very little about. Stick to your mother’s rule:  If you can’t say something nice, shut it. And for heaven’ sake, leave the little pop stars alone. Nobody cares if you hate them. It just makes you sound mean.

Get some therapy, medicate, make a new friend., pick some daisies. Find something positive to do with your time. There’s enough bad stuff in this world to go around without dragging others down.

This is for my writer friends who’ve been the victims of negative critics that haven’t bothered to read the books or consider the authors’ feelings before slamming them on Amazon and for all the others out there who are getting harshed on for their efforts.

Love to you all!


(I plead guilty to dissing Tiger Woods after the thing with his eight hundred mistresses. But I swear I would tell him to his face.)


  1. Writing the book is the easy part. It’s surviving the rest of it that will kill you. Especially the reviews!

  2. Christy Hayes says

    Nothing like a southern woman scorned. You go, girl!

    • It’s really not so personal. Just a general irritation with all the rampant negativity I see all around and hear about from friends.

  3. Campbell O'Neal says

    You’ve captured my sentiment perfectly. I don’t often post a review and for that I chide myself often because writers need reviews to help promote their work. But, when I do post a review, even if the book had weaknesses, I talk about the positives of the work and rate it according to my overall opinion as to the book’s merits. Anyone can give an honest review without resorting to vitriol. And if I think a book has no redeeming qualities, I just don’t review it–mainly because I don’t finish reading it but also because there is no need to be negative. A lack of reviews, in and of itself, is comment enough.

  4. Chrissy Burns says

    Wow! I felt this all last week, everywhere I turned I wanted to respond to someone else’s negative comments. Far more explicit than “come on people, play nice”…but I held myself back. LOVE this blog. Thanks Susan!

  5. Mo says

    I love, love, LOVE this! I feel like you personally hugged me. Thank you. I wish others would take this view.

  6. Sometimes I read comments at the end of certain articles, etc. just to get people’s views on the topic. Some of it really scares me, especially when they start attacking each other.

  7. Putting anything out there is such a risk now. We leave ourselves wide open for such awful attacks.

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