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The Best Time of the Year!

imagesAs the last few weeks of school wind down, I’m filled with the anticipation of doing nothing–and everything! Summer is our reward for all the stress and hard work shoved into the school year. The reward for cold, rainy weather and long endless months of same.

In three weeks we will swim, sleep late and wallow in our freedom from structure, uniforms and early mornings. We’ll head to the beach and bring enough sunscreen to sink a battleship and enjoy every minute of the sun, ocean and salty blue water. I have teens and a college student now and I still love summertime as much as when they were young.

But the true beauty of now is the excitement of what’s to come. Once summer arrives, we begin the countdown to the end. Right now, the beach, our other trips and events loom before us. The high school reunion is in June, my writer’s conference in July, cheer camp for my daughter, etc.

Events are rarely as exciting once they arrive as we anticipate, and we end up with only photos and memories afterward. Right now, everything stretches in front of us, absolutely perfect.

I hope you have lots of perfect pre-memories to anticipate for your summer! May your travels be as wonderful as you hope.


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