The World Watches

tlumacki_boston-marathon-finish_sportsDThey did it again, didn’t they? With the world watching, caught on camera, lots of video and audio horror to accompany. Some group on a mission from whatever deity they serve. They will continue this because they are crazy with their ideas that death and terror will somehow right their wrongs. Bad never fixes bad.

These people who kill others so publicly need the constant attention we’re giving them in the media frenzy to send their “messages.” But the sad thing is, nobody gets it. We just think they’re crazy and evil. Nothing will be solved or improved for them by staging these awful acts.

While our kids are out playing baseball, soccer and tennis, a significant group of children on the other side of the world are fed a steady diet of “death to America.” That kind of hate doesn’t happen overnight. The differences in our cultures and lifestyles are enormous. Americans typically don’t spend a great deal of their days steeped in the gravity of their spiritual mind. Not to say that we don’t pray, but it doesn’t, as a nation consume us. Though we have some of the finest missionaries, churches and charitable organizations in the world, most of which stem from religious organizations. And no one can ever say we aren’t a generous people.

But we, in the U.S. are widely viewed as self-gratifiers. I suppose if you were from a less developed nation and  spent some time watching our television programs and commercials, our priorities would appear pretty messed up. But just because it’s there, doesn’t mean we all consume it with a vengeance. I wish most of it would go away as I strive for balance with my life and family. I enjoy the conveniences, but hate that my kids are exposed to much of what they are. Just as we see only what is most prevalent from across the oceans. The bad stuff.

A small group compared to a peaceful population, but enough who do subscribe to the notion that we are evils dogs and should die that these things continue happening and our citizens continue to be attacked. I don’t have an answer. Maybe it’s foreign policy, maybe it’s even more security.

My heart breaks for those hurt and lost in the attack yesterday, especially for their families. All we can do is sit around wondering why people do what they do and blow-tificating about it as if it could do any good.

I felt the need to purge my own frustration and sadness.

Have a good week,


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