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Today I bought candy! Caution, Easter Bunny spoiler alert!

0327132108Today I bought the Easter candy. For the children, of course. The hollow bunnies, not the good kind. They ask for the hollow ones that are waxy and likely could survive any type of nuclear or chemical attack. I think I will buy more while they are in stock and put them with the food storage my mother-in-law insists we keep in case of just such a happening.

It’s funny how everyone has their list of favorites. We don’t like peeps, though some folks wait all year for them and would fight their own mother for the last one the moment they hit shelves. We do go for the Whopper robin eggs (well, I do), but not the Cadbury kind. I have a friend who buys those and hides them from her children.

My daughter, who is 13 and a harsh candy critic, eyeballed my haul from the store and suggested that I hadn’t done it quite right. She then proceeded to present me with a list of additional items for our weekend trip to the lake.

To each her own. No judgment. Same as religion. So, as it is with candy. Enjoy the blessings (and candy) of the season. Happy Easter/Passover!

Susan (who is hoping desperately for warm weather)



  1. Katie and my kids like Peeps. Which I probably wouldn’t eat if there was a famine. Unless my only other choice was turnip greens.

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