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Gone to the dogs! A year and counting.

Liza Jane

Liza Jane



Our Mom is Out, 
so we decided to take over her computer while she’s dissing us in favor of her other kids–the human ones, and then going to her workout. Too bad she found her other shoe and made it to the gym. Boudreaux, can’t you come up with a more original hiding place?

Oh, excuse me old girl, who jumped up on the counter and grabbed that package of dinner rolls you managed to snarf down without any help from me this morning the second Mom’s car rolled out of the garage? Someone’s hips don’t allow her to grab the goodies these days.

Boudreaux and Liza Jane, deserving family canines here. We figured it’s been a while since Mom posted on the blog, and since February is the one year anniversary of Sweet Home Alpharetta, someone outta get busy. This little blog has been the scene of some pretty good recipes (believe us, we’ve dug the leftovers out of the trash), frequent parent-y kinds of opinionated advice and Mom’s seemingly never-ending search for publication. Oh, and several big-time embarrassing tell-all stories and photos about yours’ truly.

So, we wanted to take a minute to thank you all for reading Sweet Home Alpharetta, for your likes and kind comments. They really make our mom happy. Sadly, our finding the remnants of last night’s steak dinner in the trash and the meat farts that she will have to endure the rest of the day will not make her happy.

Have a great week!

Boudreaux and Liza Jane Sands

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