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Looking Forward

1217121947We spend so much time anticipating. Looking forward to the next thing while time is passing. Waiting for now to go by so tomorrow will hurry up and arrive. When we’re young, we want to grow up quickly so that the limitations placed on us (bedtimes, curfews, and all those RULES) will lessen and we can be free. Then, we look back and wonder where the heck all the time we’ve wished away went.

I watched a really dumb movie a few days ago whose plot assigned time as currency. It was the only thing of value in that world. The characters threw out all the “time” references within that two hours of my life I will never get back–time lost.

But I’m forty-five years old and I feel a strong desire to “slow down the hands of time.” I see my parents aging, my kids becoming adults and I just want to “buy some time,” like in the movie. It’s an exercise in emotional futility, of course, because we “can’t put time in a bottle.”

But what we can all do is appreciate the time, here and now. We can spend it with our people, pursue our dreams and not put them off, and for heaven’s sake, don’t wish it away.   Tomorrow might bring a bad diagnosis, an accident, or some other unforeseen thing that cuts it all short. There’s rarely going to be a more convenient time than now to take that trip or start that novel. As the NIKE ad says, Just Do It.

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions, but that is mine. Waiting for the perfect time usually lends itself to more waiting.

Thanks to a rousing game of beer pong with friends, my college-aged son gifted my household with the flu for Christmas. (don’t judge, remember your youth)

Looking forward (hee hee) to a Happy New Year!!


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