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Coming Together–We Are One Neighborhood

I live in a diverse neighborhood. It’s a lovely suburban pocket, with tennis courts, a community pool and an active homeowner’s association. We have only seventy homes, but of those seventy, I can honestly say, we are one of the most diverse slices of humanity I’ve ever had the honor of observing up-close and personal.

I’m going to throw out some stats that I know definitively, though I didn’t actually take a survey. We have families who are first and second generation African, Korean, Chinese, British, Indian, Jordanian, Iranian, Armenian and several others I’m not certain the exact country of origin. Our religious backgrounds range from Christian to Buddhist to Muslim to Jewish and beyond. Skin here is every color imaginable.

We walk our dogs on the same streets, our kids take the same bus to school every day and play on the same sports teams. The women in the neighborhood play tennis and bunco together. We give each other’s kids rides and help each other out when one is running late or working. We host neighborhood parties.

We are all Americans. Many hold dual citizenships with other nations. I’m certain that right now is a difficult time for many of my friends and neighbors, as they have much family in other parts of the world. But no one here is my enemy. This neighborhood is proof that we can live together in mutual respect, friendship and peace, no matter our backgrounds, religions, skin color, or political handed-ness.

I am proud to live in such a place and enjoy the rich heritages of all my friends who live alongside me and my family. I don’t hold personal grudges against my friends–the people I know and trust–for attacks overseas.

I can only hope my neighborhood is the norm and not the exception, and remains as it is throughout this challenging time in our world.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Well said, Susan. We need to remember we are a Nation that respects the rights of others. It’s the premise this country was established on. It’s also the greatest export we can offer.

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