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What Should We Do With the Rest of Our Lives?

Many of you have asked about my writing. I’ve been writing Southern women’s fiction for a few years now and have just completed my third book. The first two are unlikely to ever see the light of day–unless I rewrite them. This new one, well, we’ll see how it’s received by the agents and editor who’ve requested to read it.

My non-writing friends likely don’t know this frustrating process (and why would you) of trying to become a published author through traditional channels. Meaning; first finding a literary agent to represent your work (very hard) and then having an acquiring editor from a publishing house make an offer to buy your book (even harder). It’s not impossible though. Many of my writer friends have book deals. Many are seasoned authors with lots of books under their belts. I hope to get there sooner rather than later. I had an agent, but we’ve recently parted ways. I was lucky enough to sign with her before my work was ready to sell.

I have several friends who self-publish and who are really great writers. Either they didn’t find a home for their work after a struggle to do so, or decided that the industry was changing so quickly with the endless digital opportunities and e-books.

Writing was my mid-life crisis in a way, I suppose. I turned forty and decided I needed something to carry me through the time when my kids would eventually graduate and find their own way. They’d stopped needing me every waking moment and I had always wanted to give writing a try. I had to learn how. There are so many rules in writing a book–at least a book that would find its way into print.

I asked for laptop for my birthday that first year, attended my first writer’s conference, and joined the Romance Writer’s of America and my local Georgia Romance Writers. I took classes, I read craft books on every component of fiction writing. I continue to attend conference to meet other writers, pitch my books to agents and editors, and continue to learn.

I don’t write because I’m super smart or special. I write because I love it. I’m compelled to put my crazy thoughts down on paper. It’s freeing. My life has been so incredibly enriched by the people I’ve met and adventures to new place I never would otherwise have been. If you have a secret wish to do anything: sing, paint, decorate, take up photography–whatever; don’t wait for the kids to graduate. Sign up for a class, read a book about it. There’s no time like now. Check out Pinterest. It’s a limitless resource for ideas.

Take a chance and figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Happy Summer!


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  1. Christy Hayes says

    I’m so glad you took a chance on writing and we met! Finding great friends along this road means more than all the success in the world!

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