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The Great Turtle Rescue

If you were at the intersection of Old Alabama and Nesbit Ferry Roads around three p.m. today, you might have witnessed my daughter Reagan and me running  behind a very large turtle down the sidewalk alongside traffic. Reagan pointed out the lumbering beast as we turned at the light just minutes before.

Reagan thought I’d lost my mind when I suggested we go save the reptile. I reminded her of my many animal rescues growing up in the “wild” of rural Louisiana.

Grabbing a box from home and heavy gloves from the woodpile, we sped back to where she’d seen first seen him/her. I could hear my dentist/germaphobe husband in my head saying, “You know turtles carry salmonella, don’t you?” So, the gloves were not only for protection from a possible biter, but any diseases as well.

Another couple stopped to help, and they seemed knowledgable on the exact species and behaviors in the wild of whence we dealt. Apparently our turtle was the largest of its kind they’d ever seen, and therefore, the oldest–and loved water. Good information. Our plan was to save him/her from becoming certain roadkill within the next ten minutes and release the beast in my very own wildlife sanctuary behind the house where we have a small lake and lots of other critters, some who I’d just assume not reside on my property.

Once the capture was made (you wouldn’t believe how fast a turtle can haul butt when he doesn’t want to be caught), we stopped by the Autry Mill Nature Center, because they do love the critters, but being Sunday had no luck finding anyone on duty. So, in the end, we named the turtle Kristi, after my friend whose birthday is today. By the way, Happy Birthday, Kristi!!

In the end, Kristi, the turtle resides somewhere beside or in the lake behind my house. Hopefully none of us will come down with Salmonella, and all will end as it should.

And if you saw me running down Old Alabama Road, now you know what the heck I was doing.

Have a great week!



  1. Patrick Williams says

    those were not rescues in Louisiana friend, they called it supper or living off the land…lol

    • Pat, Pappy used to catch snapping turtles and make turtle meatball sauce picante. Talk about living off the land. Rabbits, squirrels, alligator, duck, and whatever else he could bring down. Ate every bit of it too! Good thing he was a chef. It all tasted like the best kind of chicken!

  2. Debbie Seymour says

    I wish I could have tried your Pappy’s turtle meatball sauce picante, and it would have been great fun to be part of the turtle rescue. Thinking about either one makes me smile 😀

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