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I Am a Crazy Bird Lady

Birds as Pets aren’t for everyone. In fact, if you ask a good number of people in our population, they tend to be a bit freaked out by feathered friends, in general. Oh, they’re fine to look at from a distance, but don’t put them in a room with a talking squawking wing flapper. Especially if he’s out of his cage and inclined to take off from his perch and fly around the room, with the possibility of landing on–or pooping on, someone’s head.

Okay, I guess most of the population might run from the room at such a prospect. But we love our bird. Some of his habits are downright obnoxious and disgusting, but he is truly part of our loud and slightly irreverent family. Fits right in. His life expectancy is upwards of forty years. He’s also a long-term commitment.

We’d rescued him at an exotic bird show several years ago from an owner with a heart problem. People with heart problems aren’t allowed to handle bird waste. Congo was healthy, but not as pretty as he should have been. Every now and then he loses feathers when he molts. But birds are also extremely sensitive to diet changes and emotional upset. A bad bag of food can cause major plumage issues.

Recently, Congo, our Half-moon Conure lost all his feathers. He resembled a plucked baby chick, or if you’ve ever seen a newborn Bald Eagle on Animal Planet, you know it’s one of the ugliest creatures alive. He’s never been the prettiest Conure, but he’s funny and smart and talks like crazy, making us all laugh at his antics.

For whatever reason, Congo has required lots of TLC these past few months. He has grown most of his feathers back, but is still spotty in places. I’ve spent a lot of time and money researching vitamins, special food, and wooing him back to his usual almost pretty self. He has maintained his sharp wit and spunk through it all–unaware of his lack of beauty.

He is truly another member of our nutty family! We don’t clip his wings so Boudreaux can’t have him for a birdie snack.


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