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Hatin’ on Cardio — Back to the Exercise Grind

It’s like rockin’ to the oldies, only truer. If I’m to raise my heart rate for an extended period, please distract me with something fun. I don’t want to run someplace just to turn around and run home unless I’ve got an ice cream cone to show for my trouble. I’d rather poke at my eyes with semi-dull implements. Really.

I play tennis. Yes, I realize it’s not full-on cardio. Just bursts here and there. But I do get my heart pumping, and like a dog, I’m chasing after the ball and have a goal. I’m motivated and will push myself. About half the time there’s a victory to celebrate with my teammates. The past few years, I’ve not been especially motivated to workout beyond my ball chasing.

But this recent five pounds have annoyed me enough that I’ve agreed to slither back onto the treadmill/elliptical machines and other assorted torture devices. Weight and strength training, abs, blah, blah, gag. I know many of you love–nay–live for this stuff, but I do not count myself among you yet. I’m a hater of the cardio. Yes, I realize I must spin the hamster wheel to live a long and healthy life. I can only hope the fitness bug bites me on the butt and my attitude improves.

I’m not motivated to become super skinny again. I’m reasonable. I’m turning forty-five in May, and with the longevity in my family, want to extend my body to last as long as my brain and vice-versa. Serious dieting makes me cranky and unhappy. I will eat more salad, but only because I like salad and it’s healthy. Lifestyle changes are necessary as we age, but unrealistic goals lead to frustration.

I do have a yearly checkup and mammogram. I cannot encourage you all enough not to put off seeing a doctor if you are concerned something is wrong–even if you are embarrassed. Believe me, doctors see that every day! Early diagnosis and treatment of most conditions can save your life.

Sorry, preaching here. I’m a little frustrated with a few people I know right now…

Best of luck on achieving  your health and fitness goals!


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