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Blame It on the Dog


We’ve all done it. They can’t speak for themselves, though I do believe my dog, Boudreaux, has found a way to communicate his discontent by uniquely frustrating everyone in our family. It’s not through homework-eating, passing noxious gas, or even loud barking. He is a thief–a shoe thief.

He makes us late for school, sports, and other appointments. Somehow, even though we try and remember to store our footwear safely in closets, he figures out which pair we plan to wear that day and nabs one or both shoes. Then, he hides them. Now, we love our Boudreaux, and this is not a real problem. Hunger, homelessness, and war are real problems. This is an annoying inconvenience. Today I couldn’t find either complete pair of tennis shoes. He knew of my plans to leave for several hours. Perhaps my skirt and visor gave me away. I was forced to play in the oldest, nastiest ones without the inserts. Then, when it was time to pick up the kids, I couldn’t find my black slip-ons . I left them right beside my bed while I showered after tennis. The photos below tell a story:

Boudreaux’s leavings from last week (mates still unaccounted for)

Boudreaux spying to make sure I was in the shower before stealing my shoes earlier.

Boudreaux appearing angelic when I couldn’t find my shoes.


Found each in two of his more obvious hangouts. Notice the bone.

Occasionally, he trots up to me with a peace offering–a shoe–and drops it in front of my feet. It’s amazing how animals remind us to keep a sense of humor while frustrating the heck out of us. How could anyone really be angry with that face?

I would love to hear about your pet’s antics!

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Debbie Seymour says

    OK Susan, i thought this was pretty darn funny until I saw the picture of Boudreau peering under the door, and your comment that he was spying, making sure you were in the shower so he could steal your shoe. It became absolutely hilarious at that point, and I laughed until I SNORTED, for heaven’s sake!
    And I agree, you can’t be angry when you see that cute fluffy-furred face…
    Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

  2. Since you know us all so well, Debbie, I can appreciate your having a good sense of how this all went down. My shoes in pairs are dwindling rapidly. I just don’t know where they are. It’s funny, but it’s not. For awhile he made a “Boudreaux pile.” We knew to go look in the pile when something went missing.

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