Dear Neighbor…

15262458-guy-getting-aggresive-in-a-road-rage-attitudeI’ve not blogged in awhile. In fact, unless something jumps out and grabs me by the throat lately, I’ve had neither the time nor the inclination to sit and bloviate about much. But the safety of my family spurs my anger and fear–and my need to speak out.

Dear Neighbor (who I’ve never met):

Yes, you, the one who blew your horn behind me as I was attempting to exit the neighborhood at the light during traffic madness. Not very neighborly. I was trying not to die or get my kids killed. The cars turning right weren’t yielding to my left-turn right of way, in case you didn’t notice. Nobody used a signal so I could tell if they were turning left or heading straight.

I have two young drivers. Don’t blow your horn and encourage them to make rash, and possibly life-ending decisions because you are impatient. You’ll get out, I promise.

I’m the first person to take my right of way or gently tap my horn if I’m behind someone texting or looking down who doesn’t notice the light has turned green. But I won’t cause an accident to be right.

This is a horrible intersection, and the thought of my kiddos driving through it several times a day gives me chills. I’ve contacted the traffic department of  the city. Problem: The light is one municipality and our neighborhood is another. We are right on the line between two cities. Our complaint doesn’t mean much because we don’t live in the city where the light is located, though it’s the light we travel through to leave the neighborhood. After speaking with a police officer, he believes someone will actually have to die before anything will be done to remedy the situation, no matter how many accidents and near-misses there are.

So, let’s be neighborly and try to put ourselves in another’s place. Careful with the horn-honking. Somebody might get the idea that you’re an a-hole like my neighbor.


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